Bridge-builder Engineers

Bridge-builder Engineers.jpg
Take the Time III-chi,48th Division
Platoon Type (Specialty) Mechanized/Tracked (Combat Engineers: Bridge-Building)
Platoon Size (Squad/Platoon) 12 (6/2)
Technical specifications
Primary Weapon 12 Pulse Laser Rifles
Secondary Weapon None
Armor ComStar Standard Infantry Kit
Tech Base/Rating Inner Sphere (F/X-X-D)
Transport Weight 14 tons
Ground MP 3
Jump MP 0
Armor Divisor 2
To-Hit Modifier (Range in Hexes) –2 (0 Hex), 0 (1 Hex), +2 (2 Hexes), +4 (3 hexes)
BV (1.0) 27


Bridge-building Engineers are combat engineers trained and equipped to build bridges in order for other units to cross obstacles in their path.[1] For the engineers of Com Guard's Take the Time III-chi, 48th Division, this was often done under fire during the dark days of the Jihad. Many Word of Blake units could be flanked only by crossing a river or chasm, and several battles were won as a result of Take the Time III-chi's efforts. Indeed the 48th Division's reputation was earned in large part because of these bridge-builders.[2]


The engineers of Take the Time III-chi carry only Pulse Laser Rifles into battle; their true "weapons" are the heavy vehicles and equipment used to build bridges and the emplacements used to defend them. They carry enough equipment for either two light bridges or one medium one.[1]

Alpha Strike[edit]

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