Bright Katama

Bright Katama
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Comitatus


The CJF Bright Katama was the first Comitatus-class JumpShip to be constructed from a substantially modified design following the suggestions made by pilot Vishnu Folkner of Clan Jade Falcon, with the intent of transforming a transport vessel into a system defense vessel that could sit at and defend jump points. The Bright Katama entered service in 3036, and in 3038 the design was proved a success when a Star of AeroSpace Fighters launched from the Bright Katama destroyed a Dark Caste Union-class DropShip at a pirate point in the Tokasha system.[1]


  • The name Bright Katama may be a misspelling for Bright Katana, but it was not corrected over (at least) three print runs of the original Technical Readout: 3057 nor for Technical Readout: 3057 Revised. It is therefore considered the correct name for the purpose of this article.


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