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Brim nearby systems (3151)
Brim nearby systems (3151)
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -24.525 : 1768.565[e]
Spectral class F9V[1]
Recharge time 180 hours[2][1]
Planets 4[2][1]

The Brim system is the location of a habitable world, Brim IV, and as of 3085 was located in the Deep Periphery region known as the Clan Homeworlds.

System Description[edit]

In relation to the capital of the Clan Homeworlds, Strana Mechty, Brim is located at the coordinates -59:-2.[2] The Brim system consists of an F9V class primary orbited by four worlds.[2][1]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Brim IV[edit]

Brim IV
System position Fourth[2][1]
Jump point
11.19 days[1]
Moons 4[1]
Surface gravity 2.0[2][1]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Tainted)[2][1]
Equatorial temperature 25°C[2][1]
Surface water 20%[2][1]
Highest native life Fish[2]
History and Culture
Population 6,500,000 (3062)[2]
Government and Infrastructure

Brim II - more commonly known simply as Brim has been held by - and contested by - several Clans at the same time for the majority of its history as a settled world.[1]

Planetary History[edit]

For Clan Nova Cat's Omicron Provisional Galaxy, Brim was the site of the one outstanding victory in that unit's history. In 2913 the Command Trinary of the Ninth Nova Cat Garrison Cluster attacked the Fifth Cobra Coil while foul weather grounded that unit's aerospace fighters. With only conventional forces and no BattleMechs available for defense, the Cloud Cobras were beaten and the Nova Cats captured over fifty fighters.[3]

Brim saw heavy fighting around 2948 between the Cloud Cobras and Clan Coyote, when the latter sought revenge for the treacherous murder of ilKhan Corian Tchernovkov by her Cobra successor Tobias Khatib. Though the Cobras suffered heavier losses in personnel and equipment, the Coyotes ended up losing their enclave on Brim.[4]

The Wars of Possession[edit]

In 3060, Clan Nova Cat's enclaves on Brim were attacked and taken over by Clans Cloud Cobra and Star Adder. The Nova Cats were in the process of being expelled from Clan space for siding with the Second Star League during the Great Refusal, and after several brutal fights early on the attackers allowed the Cats to depart. While barely five percent of the Cat civilians were evacuated, the remainder were guaranteed fair treatment by their new masters. This altruism on the Adder's and Cobra's part was driven by ulterior motives; they hoped to secure the Nova Cat enclaves before the Coyotes or any other Clans could contest their claims. This gambit paid off when, as expected, Clan Coyote arrived shortly after. Rather than facing demoralized Nova Cats in the process of fleeing Clan Space, the Coyote's Zeta Galaxy instead ran into eager defenders from Clan Star Adder's Gamma Galaxy. Though they held their own against the Adders for six weeks, the Coyotes were forced to withdraw when the Cloud Cobras joined in the fighting.[12][13][14]

Clan Ice Hellion launched an attack against Clan Cloud Cobra holdings on Brim in the 3060s, in retaliation for an attack on and subsequent capture or destruction of an Ice Hellion merchant convoy looking to trade in the Tanis system. The Ice Hellion attack failed, prompting another disastrous attack - this time against Clan Star Adder holdings on Hoard - and the subsequent removal of Khan Asa Taney from power.[15]

The Wars of Reaving[edit]


In March 3069 Star Admiral Anta McKenna successfully retaliated for the destruction of the Snow Raven orbital shipyard and fleet in the Lum system during a destructive Trial with Clan Goliath Scorpion. Admiral McKenna led the Brim Naval Assault Star to Roche and successfully won a Trial for the four Goliath Scorpion WarShips there - the Lola III-class destroyer CGS Sagitta, the Congress-class frigate CGS Garlon and the Potemkin-class cruisers CGS Enceladus and CGS Prometheus. The Sagitta was left powerless as a result of damage taken during the Trial, and Admiral McKenna moved all four captured vessels to Brim for repair. The four were then pressed into service as the new Hellgate Battle Star.[16]


The Snow Raven's actions in the Galedon system in the Inner Sphere were reported to the Grand Council by Clan Diamond Shark and became the subject of a Grand Council meeting on the 2nd of March 3070. The shocking casualty figure caused by the Ravens led to calls for a Trial of Absorption against the Snow Ravens by Clan Steel Viper, an action that only failed to pass a vote due to a number of abstentions and a series of votes cast against the motion by Clan Star Adder and their supporters, who had also been looking to Absorb the Snow Ravens.[9]

The failure of the vote to pass led ilKhan Brett Andrews to call for a vote of no confidence in the Grand Council, which also failed; this in turn led to an agreement between the leaders of the Cloud Cobras, Star Adders and Steel Vipers to act together to punish the Snow Ravens for their departure from the Honor Road. The three allied Clans selected a number of Snow Raven enclaves on Bearclaw, Brim and Hellgate as targets for retaliation and bid among themselves for the right to attack the various enclaves. The Steel Vipers won the right to attack holdings across all three worlds, while the Star Adders won the right to attack holdings on Bearclaw and Circe while the Cloud Cobras won the right to attack enclaves on Brim and Hellgate.[9]

The Steel Vipers dispatched their Gamma Galaxy to Trial for Snow Raven holdings on the world, and Gamma proceeded to fight with honor and prestige, picking apart every Snow Raven unit that responded to the various calls to Trial. By May, the Steel Vipers had successfully managed to capture every Snow Raven enclave on Brim that they had bid for.[9]

In contrast with the Trials fought between the Snow Ravens and Steel Vipers on Brim, the Trials between the Snow Ravens and the Cloud Cobras were much heavier. The Cloud Cobra Beta Naval Reserve successfully fought its way into orbit above Brim and promptly declared three separate Trials. The first two Trials were fought for a DropShip facility and a BattleMech factory; the third Trial was for the entire Crow Bloodname legacy. Commanding the defending forces was Galaxy Commander Tristen Crow, who successfully defended both of the industrial facilities, but the battle for the Crow legacy proved to be much more brutal. The Snow Ravens resorted to calling in their last bid in a desperate attempt to retain the Bloodname legacy, but were unsuccessful, and the entire Crow legacy was lost to the Cloud Cobras.[9]

Worse still for the Snow Ravens, just as the Cloud Cobras were defeating the last Snow Raven reinforcements, two Naval Stars from Clan Star Adder arrived. The Star Adder forces had successfully defeated the Snow Ravens on Bearclaw, and followed up their victories by Trialing for and winning the same two industrial facilities that the Snow Ravens had just successfully defended from the Cloud Cobras. The Snow Raven forces had little chance of fighting off the fresh Star Adder forces, who not only defeated the Snow Ravens but also Trialed for and successfully claimed the one Clan Blood Spirit enclave on the planet. The Blood Spirits had held their enclave for less than a month, having received it as part of an arrangement with the Snow Ravens[9] negotiated in early March that saw the Blood Spirits trade several JumpShips and DropShips to the Snow Ravens in exchange for a number of enclaves from among the Snow Raven holdings - which were to be transferred by the end of 3071 - and hundreds of thousands of lower castemen.[17] The Blood Spirit enclave was a particular target for the Star Adders because of the combined attack the Blood Spirits and Kindraa Sainze had launched against Star Adder holdings on Albion, which had prompted the Star Adder saKhan Telinov to dispatch Delta Galaxy to Brim to seize the Blood Spirit enclave there before pressing on to attack the Blood Spirit and Kindraa Sainze holdings on Arcadia.[9]

During March 3070 Clan Coyote had been approached by Khan James Cobb of Clan Hell's Horses; the Hell's Horses Khan had sought to negotiate the transfer of Hell's Horses assets on Kirin and Tiber to the Coyotes, negotiations that when they were successfully completed saw the Coyotes gain a substantial amount of resources, both in terms of facilities and matériel and in terms of lower caste personnel. The Coyotes had also quietly acquired a number of holdings from Clan Ice Hellion after observing the weakness of the Ice Hellion defending forces in the Homeworlds while the Ice Hellions were conducting Operation ICE STORM in the Inner Sphere. The Coyotes' quiet and careful approach to their acquisitions caught the attention of the Snow Ravens, who approached saKhan Raven Clearwater with their own proposals for transferring assets and resources to the Coyotes as a part of their own migration into the Inner Sphere.[18]

The negotiations were conducted satisfactorily - much to the amusement of the Coyotes for being approached by yet another Clan attempting to use them as a clearinghouse in advance of an exodus to the Inner Sphere - and in an apparent show of support for the Star Adders, Clan Coyote struck at a number of Diamond Shark and Snow Raven holdings in mid-3070. The attacks were simply a mask for the Coyotes honoring their agreements with both Clans, however, and the Coyotes emerged stronger than ever, having acquired two frontline Clusters from the Diamond Sharks, two sibko training Clusters from the Snow Ravens and enclaves on both Tathis and Brim.[18]


In February 3072 the Society was busily encouraging a revolt in the Clan Homeworlds, a campaign that touched a number of Steel Viper enclaves and worlds. The Society's activities caused widespread confusion among the Clans, disrupting operations as HPGs mysteriously went offline or, worse still, began transmitting disruptive viruses. It was during February 3072 that the Steel Viper Aegis-class heavy cruiser CSV Steel Python fell victim to this confusion and suffered a misjump near Brim.[19] Brim was also severed from the tightly networked HPG grid within Clan space, as were the Dagda, Roche, Strato Domingo and Vinton systems.[20]

With uprisings spreading throughout the lower castes - particularly those lower caste personnel effectively abandoned in the Homeworlds by the Clans attempting to migrate to the Inner Sphere - ilKhan Andrews decreed that any caste members found to be engaging in any form of rebellion or coup would be subject to a Trial of Annihilation for daring to be complicit in an attempt to tear down the Legacy of the Founder. With the Homeworlds awash in a combination of Abjurations, Annihilations and Reavings Andrews was attempting to restore some form of order to the conflicts within the Homeworlds, but his decree was largely ignored. The Goliath Scorpions launched an attack on Brim, forgoing any attempt at issuing a batchall and instead simply dropping two of Delta Galaxy's Clusters directly onto one of the three remaining Snow Raven enclaves on Brim.[20]

The Goliath Scorpion warriors who landed were shocked to discover that the enclave - which consisted of a city and a Sylph manufacturing factory - wasn't in fact being protected by Snow Raven warriors, but rather a large Society force, with those Snow Raven warriors who were present most likely either being solahma abandoned by the Snow Ravens during their withdrawal from the Homeworlds or warriors actively recruited by Society members within the Snow Ravens. The Society force demanded a proper batchall, but their demands were ignored by Galaxy Commander Lincoln Dinour and the resulting intense firefight spilled over into a nearby large terraforming research zone. During the battle several of the sealed tanks within the terraforming research area were pierced by stray shots, resulting in a devastating explosion that wiped out half the defending Society forces and the majority of the Goliath Scorpion forces on the ground. An enraged Dinour perceived the explosion as a deliberate trap, and retaliated by ordering the Nightlord-class battleship CGS Atropos to bombard the Snow Raven city from orbit, razing it from the surface of the planet along with the two million people living there.[20]

The devastation inflicted by the Atropos was witnessed by Star Adder forces at a nearby enclave with a mounting sense of horror; Star Colonel Erik Marghar of the Star Adders issued an immediate Trial of Reaving against Galaxy Commander Dinour for his actions, a call to Trial the Dinour accepted. Dinour landed the remainder of Delta Galaxy - the First Eridani Lancers and the Eighth Scorpion Grenadiers - on the Basalt Plans close to the Adder enclave, ready to fight the Trial.[20]

The Goliath Scorpions and the Star Adders fought an intense conflict for an hour before the final victors emerged: the 178th Adder Sentinels, who also managed to claim several Goliath Scorpion warriors as bondsmen. Unbeknownst to both Clans, a Society force had gathered nearby, drawn from the forces at the other two Snow Raven enclaves; the Society forces waited for the Goliath Scorpions and Star Adders to exhaust themselves in the Trial and begin their battlefield cleanup, then attacked. The Society forces suffered heavy losses, but their advanced equipment and numbers overwhelmed the Star Adders.[20] The Goliath Scorpion loss on Brim as well as losses elsewhere convinced Khan Ariel Suvorov to withdraw the Goliath Scorpion forces to their core holdings in the Homeworlds until mid-3073.[21]

The Star Adders would subsequently reclaim their holdings on Brim (and on Homer and Tathis) from the combination of Dark Caste and Society forces, with saKhan Hannibal Banacek leading the Star Adder Alpha and Delta Galaxies in a campaign against the rebellious forces. The damage inflicted on the Star Adder holdings across the three worlds by the Society and their allies would leave a lasting impact on Banacek, reshaping his previously Wardenesque philosophies to apply to all of the Clans.[22]

The Dark Age[edit]

By 3085 Brim had also become one of two primary support worlds for the Cloud Cobras.[23]

Political Affiliation[edit]


  • Clan Cloud Cobra (54%)[24]
  • Clan Snow Raven (19%)[24]
  • Clan Star Adder (27%)[24]



  • Clan Cloud Cobra[10]


  • Clan Cloud Cobra[11]

Military Deployment[edit]



Clan Cloud Cobra
Clan Snow Raven


Industrial Centers[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (7 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Gatekeeper 11.0 Shadow 29.2 Lum 32.2 Albion 34.8
Delios 37.2 Priori 48.5 Strana Mechty 56.8 York 60.2
Zara 62.1 Kirin 68.8 Huntress 74.5 Ironhold 74.5
Foster 77.3 Grant's Station 79.0 Marshall 87.6 Tamaron 91.3
Hellgate 99.0 Atreus 102.3 Londerholm 105.6 Strato Domingo 117.5


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