Broken Sea

Broken Sea
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In 3061, rumors were circulating amongst the Clans that Clan Coyote had commissioned Clan Snow Raven to construct a new York-class destroyer for the Coyote touman. According to the rumors, while no new Yorks had been constructed since the last production run of a dozen over a hundred years earlier, Star Admiral Demos McTighe had been impressed enough by the design to persuade Khan Sullivan Koga to request the construction of a York.[1]

By 3067, just such a ship had appeared in the Coyote touman: the CCS Broken Sea.[2] The Broken Sea would continue to serve in the Coyote touman until her destruction in early 3073.[3]

The Broken Sea was destroyed in battle; with the bulk of Clan Diamond Shark touman having withdrawn to their holdings in the Inner Sphere and Deep Periphery, Clan Coyote launched a large task force to annex the Diamond Shark holdings on Vinton. The Broken Sea was one of five Coyote WarShips deployed in the action, serving alongside the Essex-class destroyer CCS Windrunner, the Lola III-class destroyers CCS Courage and CCS Honor of Ages and the Cameron-class battlecruiser CCS Blood of the Coyote.[3]

The Broken Sea was one of three Coyote WarShips to be destroyed during the campaign to seize Vinton, perishing alongside the Courage during the initial assault, both victims of a fully-operational Diamond Shark SDS. The Courage's sister ship, Honor of Ages, was subsequently gutted by the Samarkand-class carrier CDS Deal Breaker, before the Deal Breaker was crushed in turn by the Blood of the Coyote.[3]


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