Bronze Keshik (Clan Wolf)

Bronze Keshik
Unit Profile (as of 3079)
Nickname Bronze Keshik
Parent Formation Gamma Galaxy
Formed 3058


The Bronze Keshik was traditionally the command unit of Gamma Galaxy. At the end of the Refusal War the survivors of the original Bronze Keshik gathered a few Trinaries of the shattered Gamma Galaxy and travelled to join the Wolf Clan in Exile under Phelan Kell.[1]

As the reborn Wolf Clan rebuilt under Vladimir Ward after the refusal war a new Bronze Keshik was raised by Galaxy Commander Edwina Carns not from veteran warriors, but from hand-picked cadets. She put her new formation through a rigorous training program and by 3059 they were considered of veteran status,[2] and posted to the world of Nox.[3]

By 3067 the Keshik had moved to a position on the planet on Suk II.[4] This move was presumably prompted by the 103rd Striker Cluster losing Radstadt to Clan Ghost Bear in 3060.[5]

The Bronze Keshik faced the Clan Hell's Horses' bridgehead on Hohenems and managed to push back the invaders.[6] The Keshik was still in place on the world in 3079.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Bronze Keshik
Galaxy Commander Edwina Carns 3059 - 3067[2][4]



Composition History[edit]


Bronze Keshik - Veteran/Fanatical [2]


Bronze Keshik - Elite/Fanatical [4]

  • 100% full strength


Bronze Keshik - Elite/Fanatical [7]

  • 75% full strength



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