Bryn Rivenschild

Bryn Rivenschild
Bryn Rivenschild
AffiliationWord of Blake
ProfessionAdept Omicron Rho IX


Bryn Rivenschild was a MechWarrior, who joined ComStar after his application to the Northwind Highlanders was rejected. His initial training in the Com Guards was as an infantry soldier.

During the ComStar Schism, he and his garrison unit on Saiph seized the local HPG horrified with the changes Primus Sharilar Mori was introducing, and they were able to resist two ComStar ROM teams that tried to recover the station.

He was one of the first Light of Mankind members selected for the Opacus Venatori. He was vital in the elimination of Wolfnet across the Chaos March. He stole nine BattleMechs thanks to his custom designed cracking tools, and he was sometimes loaned to other LoM operations against corporate entities.[1]

During the Word of Blake invasion and occupation of Dieron in February 3068. While Coordinator Theodore Kurita remained comatose following his stroke in January, his son and heir Hohiro led a task force to Dieron to try and oust the Blakists on the 16th of April, but the campaign was marked by Hohiro's capture by Blakist forces on the 18th of June, leading to the DCMS reporting Hohiro as "missing, presumed dead."[2] Hohiro and his lance had been run to ground in the Valley of Blossoms near Tatsuyama Mountain by an Opacus Venatori hunter force led by Precentor Artur Nihjo in a chase that had taken a week and which had been initiated after the regular Blakist militia forces had spent two months fruitlessly pursuing Hohiro. Hohiro and his lancemates had attempted to obfuscate Hohiro's location in the final battle by having Hohiro pilot a Panther, while his Daishi was piloted by another pilot, but Nihjo saw through the subterfuge and successfully forced Hohiro to order his lance to surrender after his Panther was disabled by the Lightray piloted by Adept Bryn Rivenschild.[3]

Character Traits[edit]

He got his first Celtic tattoo the day he entered ComStar, and added one for every successful operation. By 3073, nearly eighty percent of his body was covered with tattoos.[1]


He was an elite pilot.[4]


Rivenschild's computer skills have allowed him to utilize his Lightray's sensors to tremendous effect. When desired, he can manipulate his C3i system to operate as a limited Guardian ECM Suite when needed. A player using this ability must declare their intent in the End Phase prior to the turn in which the C3i system will be used as an ECM. Once a player has announced this change, the Lightray's C3i is considered inoperative until the player turns it off during an End Phase; it can only be turned back on (either as a standard C3i, or as a modified ECM again, during the End Phase of a following turn. While the C3i is inoperative, it functions as a Guardian ECM Suite with a 3 hex range. If the C3i receives a critical hit during the time it is operating as an ECM, it is rendered completely destroyed and cannot be repaired, regardless of Warchest Points used.[4][5]

BattleMechs and Equipment[edit]

In 3067 he piloted a ZPH-1A Tarantula.[6]

He shifted to a LGH-4W Lightray from 3068 to 3060.[7][8][9]

By 3070 he was piloting a LGH-6W Lightray, and continued to use it in 3072.[10][11][1]


LGH-6W Lightray[edit]

  • Because of the multiple system redundancies Rivenschild has jury-rigged and embedded into the cockpit systems, ignore the first Sensors and Life Support critical hits (do not reroll the location).[4][12]


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