Buffalo Meadows

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Buffalo Meadows
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System Information

System Description[edit]

The Buffalo Meadows system is within the Draconian Drift situated coreward of the Draconis Combine/Periphery border.

System History[edit]

Political Affiliation[edit]


Buffalo Meadows
Jump point
4 days
Atmospheric pressure (breathable)

Planetary History[edit]

ComStar's Explorer Corps found the remains of the failed colony on Buffalo Meadows in 3021, but kept the find secret.[1] Later, a report stated that a ComStar Explorer Corps vessel operating out beyond the Circinus Federation surveyed an uncharted planet and discovered the remains of the 295th in 3043. The Explorer Corps report states that the 295th had left behind “only a few scattered ruins”. It makes no mention of the military equipment the BattleMech division had taken into exile.[2] While the report substantially misplaces the unnamed system to nearly the opposite end of the Inner Sphere, the other information seems to be accurate.

A descendant of the original finders would sell the secret some 130 years later, precipitating a race to the vast treasure of stored BattleMechs on Buffalo Meadows in 3150 between Bartlett's Boxers, a mercenary unit working for the Republic of the Sphere, and another mercenary unit named La Grande Armée working for an unnamed party.[2]

Planetary Rulers[edit]

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