Buford Krazny

Buford Krazny
Also known as "Crazy Bo"
Profession Arena Gladiator


Buford Krazny was a veteran MechWarrior of the Clan Invasion, that left the military and went to Solaris.

Buford Krazny isn't known on Solaris VII for his hot piloting skills or his ugly-as-sin mug.

During the Word of Blake Jihad and occupation of Solaris, he made a name for himself the last few years during the Blakist occupation as one of the best couriers among the underground rebel cells scattered around the planet, though it cannot be confirmed he joined the SHDL. Piloting his customized 'Mech (that had been bought directly from Clan Diamond Shark merchants he wsa the reason the cell's network is able to maintain coordination in their frequent hit-and-fade attacks against the Word of Blake occupiers. Combining the blazing speed of his 'Mech and his intimate knowledge of the underground transport tunnels that crisscross below Solaris City, any messages or goods given to him for special transport always arrive at their destination in record time.[1]

It is not known if he survived the Jihad.[citation needed]




It is not known which was Buford Krazny usual 'Mech while fighting in the Solaris Games.

During the Word of Blake, occupation he piloted a Piranha called Shadow.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]



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