Burnt Offering

Burnt Offering
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent


Bunt Offering was an unit formed of MechWarriors of clouded origins but top-shaped equipment. They were active already in 3151, and in Galatea, the Mercenary Star, where contracted by a newborn state: the Tamar Pact, specifically, by Sarah Regis, the Pact's leader. As the Pact was very exigent, they must have had a good reputation and prestige.[1]

However, the Offering had some disputes in Galatea with the Twenty-first Centauri Lancers, another of the main units working for the Pact. These escalated during the way to Arcturus, and the 21st even asked specifically to not be deployed along them or Bleeding Eagles except in emergencies.[2] The Offering, when participated at the battle of Pandora, the 23 December, like the Bleeding Eagles, failed to coordinate with the Lancers, which later led to several near fiascos, leaving the 21th needlessly bogged down.[3]

The Offering's next task was to take the planet Koniz for the Pact. An Falcon-offshoot group had seized the control of the world. The mercenaries performed a nighttime combat drop over the Falcon's barracks, but they've already mobilized, striking them in the darkness using a combination of tanks and modified IndustrialMechs, before retreating to the surrounding city. The Offering had to play a cat-and-mouse game on the streets, ravaging them and leaving many civilian deaths, but the Offering eventually triumphed when the would-be Falcon Khan was killed attempting to flee in his Nacon armored car. Despite the devastation, the population, when promised aid to rebuild the city, voted to join the Pact.[4]

The Killer Bees, a subcommand of the 21th, made their point with the Eagles during a combat exercise on Arcturus, bombarding the Eagles' column with canisters filled with honey-flavored quillar syrup. When it was the turn of the Offering, they refused to be humiliated, so loaded live antiaircraft ammunition in the autocannon of their Partisan tanks, so when the Bees' DropShip Queen Bee approached them in the exercise it was subjected to return fire and had to made a emergency landing. The rest of the Bees, believing the Offering was brokering their contract, powered their energetic weapons and moved to subdue the rogue command. After half hour of hit-and-run combat, Burnt Offering surrendered and was arrested, with a a Clan Sea Fox's Mercenary Boarding Commission began investigating the incident.[5]


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