Burrows' Crashing Thunder Regiment

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Burrows' Crashing Thunder Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 3024)
CO Commander Stephen Burrows

Burrows' Crashing Thunder Regiment[1] was a mercenary unit led by Commander Stephen Burrows.[2]


Employed by House Davion, they were credited with winning the battle of Travis V in the summer of 3024, where their Stalkers bypassed enemy defensive positions that had been set up along roadways by punching straight invasion paths into the city of Weehawken[3] right through the buildings, with the rest of the unit following behind and destroyed isolated resistance nests in short order.[4] They were also involved in the conquest of Pike IV which was taken from House Kurita. These two events were subsequently celebrated by the unit in Maloof's Tavern on Rahway II, where Commander Burrows proposed a toast to the victories and proclaimed they should never fight in another city.[2]

(Another unit, the 42nd Armored Lightning Regiment, was also present at Maloof's Tavern and mourned the heavy losses they had taken on Pike IV, suggesting they fought alongside Burrows' Crashing Thunder Regiment in the same action.)

An apparently recent event that happened on Torwind and was also mentioned at Maloof's Tavern (and thus implicitly happened on Pike IV or Travis V, suggesting Torwind may be a continent or otherwise a region on one of these planets) was that Lt. Razowski's lance of Burrows' Crashing Thunder Regiment won a battle against a few 'Mechs from Homer's Battalion near New Lodi, and subsequently had their armor patched up with metal sheets taken from truck trailers still featuring product logos and text such as "LARD" in big yellow letters, or "SpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpamSpam". One MechWarrior Williams held a lasting grudge against the mischievous techs as the legs and rigth torso of his 'Mech read "Processed Chicken".


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Burrows' Crashing Thunder Regiment
Commander Stephen Burrows 3024[2]


A veteran MechWarrior from the unit told a rookie about one Kim Howard from Fink's Lance, though it remains unclear if that lance was part of Burrows' Crashing Thunder Regiment. Similarly, veteran Neil Armstrong Edlemann, Scott Markwell, Rifleman pilot Tony Barnes, and Medium Lance Commander Jones are mentioned and may or may not be unit members.[3]



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