C3 Remote Sensor Launcher

C3 Remote Sensor (C3RS) Launcher
Production information
Type Missile
Tech Base Inner Sphere Experimental[1]
Year Availability 3072
Year Introduced IS = 3070 DCMS
Technology Rating E[2]
Legality Rating F[2]
Technical specifications
Heat 0[1]
Damage 0
Short Range 1-3
Medium Range 4-6
Long Range 7-9
Tons 4[1]
Critical Slots 3[1]
Ammo Per Ton 4[1]
Cost (unloaded) 400,000[1]
Ammo Cost (per ton) 100,000
BV (2.0) 30[3]
Ammo BV (2.0) 6[3]


The C3 Remote Sensor (C3RS) Launcher was a derivative of the Narc missile beacon launcher. Developed by the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery, the C3RS was used to deploy small C3 slaves to fill gaps in C3 networks. The fact that the remote sensors were immobile, fragile, and equipped with a limited power supply severely limited their usefulness on the battlefield.[2]

Using a C3RS, a lance that lost a C3-slave equipped unit could plug the gap formed in their network. The C3RS launcher selected which network the pod would interact with before being fired, and once that assignment was made, it could not be changed. Despite the DCMS' best efforts, the C3RS could not be used to expand a network past the standard size limitations. Any C3RS pod released during the period when network was at maximum capacity was wasted. The engineers that developed the system could not get a power source to last more than 30 seconds, so the C3RS pod would rapidly run out of power. A final weakness of the C3RS pods was the vulnerability to nearly any weapon system, including machine guns. This fragility also meant that if a pod was inadequately launched, it would slam into the ground and be destroyed. If an enemy weapon penetrated into the C3RS ammunition bay, each unfired C3RS pod inflicted damage on the host vehicle as a single SRM warhead.[2]


There is no known model name of the system.



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