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A C3 network is a network consisting of either a C3 command unit and up to three C3 slave units or six C3i units. Basically a special tight-beam communications network, the equipment shares targeting data between BattleMechs and combat vehicles. The original C3 networks were introduced in 3050 by the Draconis Combine.[1][2]

The C3 networks that exist today are geared towards the smallest level of tactical command; this means that each 'Mech in a lance (or a Com Guard Level I for C3i) can share targeting data. There have been efforts to expand this targeting coordination to entire companies by using a 'Mech with a pair of C3 command units, like the Draconis Combine's Tai-sho.[3]

A C3 network of C3 command and slave units cannot share targeting data with units using a C3i system.[1][2]

Alternate Meanings[edit]

The term "C3 network" is also used to indicate the command/control/communications function of a military unit.[2]

Related Equipment[edit]

C3 networks saw enhanced versions prototyped in 3069 by the Federated Suns with C3 boosted systems (or C3BS). Both the C3 boosted master and slave were designed to counter the enemy's ECM.[4]


  • This article refers to a common object and addresses the object as a common noun. The preferred term is "C3 network" (except on section titles & table headings, where "C3 Network" is favored).

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