CBT Combat Ground Vehicle Hit Location Table

See Total Warfare, Page 193.

Ground Vehicle Hit Location Table[edit]

Die Roll (2D6) Front Rear Side §
2 * Front (critical) Rear (critical) Side (critical)
3 Front Rear Side
4 Front Rear Side
5 Right Side Left Side Front
6 Front Rear Side
7 Front Rear Side
8 Front Rear Side (critical)*
9 Left Side Right Side Rear
10 Turret Turret Turret
11 Turret Turret Turret
12 * Turret (critical) Turret (critical) Turret (critical)

  • - The vehicle may suffer motive system damage even if its armor remains intact. Apply damage normally to the armor in that section, but the attacking player also rolls once on the Motive System Damage Table, at right. Apply damage at the end of the phase in which the damage takes effect.
  • * - A result of 2 or 12 (or an 8 if the attack strikes the side) may inflict a critical hit on the vehicle. For each result of 2 or 12 (or 8 for side attacks), apply damage normally to the armor in that section. The attacking player then automatically rolls once on the Ground Combat Vehicle Critical Hits Table, p. 194. A result of 12 on the Ground Combat Vehicles Hit Location Table may inflict a critical hit against the turret; if the vehicle has no turret, a 12 indicates the chance of a critical hit on the side corresponding to the attack direction.
  • § - Side hits strike the side as indicated by the attack direction. For example, if an attack hits the right side, all Side results strike the right side armor. If the vehicle has no turret, a turret hit strikes the armor on the side attacked.

Editors Notes[edit]

This table has changed substantially between Classic BattleTech Master Rules, Revised and CBT:Total Warfare and applies only to Combat Vehicles (as opposed to Support Vehicles)

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