CBT Ground Vehicle Critical Hits Table

See Total Warfare, Page 194.

Ground Vehicle Critical Hits Table[edit]

Die Roll (1D6) Front Side Rear Turret
2 - 5 No Critical Hit No Critical Hit No Critical Hit No Critical Hit
6 Driver Hit Cargo / Infantry Hit Weapon Malfunction Stabilizer
7 Weapon Malfunction Cargo / Infantry Hit Weapon Malfuntion Stabilizer
8 Stabilizer Crew Stunned Stabilizer Weapon Malfunction
9 Sensors Stabilizer Weapon Destroyed Turret Locks
10 Commander Hit Weapon Destroyed Engine Hit Weapon Destroyed
11 Weapon Destroyed Engine Hit Ammunition ‡ Ammunition ‡
12 Crew Killed Fuel Tank † Fuel Tank † Turret Blown Off

† If Combat Vehicle has ICE engine only. If Combat Vehicle has a fusion engine, treat this result as Engine Hit

‡ If Combat Vehicle carries no ammunition, treat this result as Weapon Destroyed.

Editors Notes[edit]

This table has changed substantially between Classic BattleTech Master Rules, Revised and CBT:Total Warfare and applies only to Combat Vehicles (as opposed to Support Vehicles)

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