CBT Heat Point Table

See Total Warfare, Page 159.

Heat Point Table[edit]

Activity Heat Points
Walking +1 per turn
Running +2 per turn
Jumping +1 per hex (minimum of 3 per turn)
Attempting to Stand +1 per attempt
Weapons Fire Per Weapons and

Equipment Tables, p 115

Heat Sink -1 per operational heat sink
-2 per operational double heat sink
-1 additional per heat sink under

water (maximum 6 points)

-2 additional per double heat sink

underwater (maximum 6 points)

First Engine Hit +5 per turn
Second Engine Hit +10 (total) per turn

Editors Notes[edit]

This table has changed somewhat between BattleTech Master Rules, Revised and Total Warfare. Specifically, there is no longer a listed entry in Total Warfare for moving through or standing in fire. Page 43 of Tactical Operations does however mention this rule. These entries have been omitted from this table.

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