Cabol Hirsch

Cabol Hirsch
Also known as The Hitman
Died 2815
Profession Arena Gladiator

Cabol Hirsch was the 2812 to 2814 Solaris Games Grand Champion.[1]


Cabol Hirsch was the First Real Solaris champion and acclaimed throughout the Lyran Commonwealth and beyond. Early victories in Class One Arenas in 2808 led to quick advancement and when he won the 2812 open class tournament he was a genuine superstar. This though proved to be his undoing. He started picking weaker and less-skilled opponents, making his victories easier, and ending with his nickname: The Hitman.

Unconcerned by rumors, he lived a fast and decadent life and squandered his winnings on drugs, women and wagers on other 'Mech matches.

He died in 2815 after loosing his fight to Marco Moliotti. Though he was able to eject, he did not present to the after match press conference and was found dead the next day, his body discovered on the banks of the Solaris River with a single bullet trough his head. It was not possible to prove it that was suicide or a gangland execution.[1]


Hi was a good MechWarrior, but after arriving to the top, and after his drug addiction and other issues, he started sabotaging his opponent's 'Mechs in order to easily win.

His failure to sabotage Moliotti's 'Mech ended in his defeat as he was really not prepared to fight a proper match.[2]


He was piloting a top-of-the-line Warhammer at time of his death.[3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Solaris VII Grand Tournament Champion
2812 - 2814

Succeeded by
Marco Moliotti


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