Calderon's Commando

Calderon's Commando (Pirate) Insignia.png
Calderon's Commando
Formed Jihad
Affiliation Pirate
Parent Command Independent

Calderon's Commando are a pirate band formed by a distant relation of House Calderon in protest of the formation of the Calderon Protectorate. Disaffected troops from the Protectorate and the Taurian Defense Force joined the pirate band.


The Calderon's Commando pirate band remains a thorn in the side of the Rimward Periphery states. Analyzing their attacked planets it is believed that they reside on a secret base in an unknown planet somewhere within the borders of the Fronc Reaches. This position enables them to also strike the Reaches as well as the neighboring powers the Magistracy of Canopus and the Taurian Concordat. In the last few months, their raids have focused more on the Protectorate/Concordat border worlds, which could indicate a recent change in their base of operations or just a change in tactics to focus on worlds easier to strike as both states remain distracted by their own conflict.[1]

After the Jihad ended and the Taurian Concordat stood down units from the Federated Suns border, the Commando shifted focus to assault worlds in the Fronc Reaches instead of the stronger Periphery realms. When Vrabel von Staskov took command in 3086, he was able to lure additional troops.[2]

In July 3088 the Commando landed on Rockwellawan and engaged the 1st Fronc Cuirassiers near the Interstellar Agriculture factory. However this was a diversion and a battalion of the Commando struck the opposite side of the city of Kite, destroying the Cuirassiers base and the Sentinelry Academy completely.[3] They also salvaged 'Mechs and vehicles from the Cuirassiers and other defending units. False documents left in the salvage lured the Commando to Independence.[4]

A week later the Commando landed on Independence near the Caldera Fields. They quickly deployed and destroyed two companies of militia tanks. They then marched to an enemy base.[5] During that march elements of the Colonial Marshals engaged the Commando to slow them down and give the base time to prepare. However this didn't work because only a few recon elements from the Commando were lured out of position.[6]

The Commando attacked a Colonial Marshal base in a caldera.[7] Most of these pirates attacked from the expected front edge, but several of the Commando, using captured Colonial Marshal equipment and painted as Marshals, were able to trick their way behind the Marshal's lines and attack from within. Despite outnumbering the Marshals, the pirates were vulnerable to the higher skill levels of the Marshals and their morale broke when reinforcements arrived.[8] These withdrawing units would have been destroyed but a combat drop by Shen-sè Tian forced the Marshals to break contact. This allowed Calderon's Commando to rally and regroup. They turned to reengage the Colonial Marshals.[9]

After two days of intense combat, Calderon's Commando and the other pirate bands left Independence, having sustained heavy losses. The Commando lost one of their JumpShips and two thirds of their force. This led the survivors to hang Marshal von Staskov and relocate to a hidden system between the Calderon Protectorate and Taurian Concordat.[10]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Calderon's Commando
Marshal Stewart Bogdanovich-Calderon pre-3086[2]
Marshal Vrabel von Staskov 3086-3088[2][11]


They frequently deploy captured equipment painted in the colors of their enemies to trick defenders into lowering their defenses.[2]

Composition History[edit]

They use the same organization and ranks as the Taurian Defense Force.[2]


  • Calderon's Commando (Regiment/Regular/Questionable) 75% strength | 10% Upgraded[1]


  • Calderon's Commando[2]
    • 1 Reinforced Regiment (BattleMech)[2]
    • 1 Battalion (combat vehicles)[2]
    • 1 Wing (aerospace fighters)[2]
    • 2 Platoons (battlesuit infantry)[2]


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