Callisto (Battle Armor)

This article is about the battle armor. For the planetary system, see Callisto.
Callisto BA RGilClan v31.jpg
Production information
Manufacturer Bergan Industries BA Annex, Corean Enterprises - MacAdams-Suharno
Use Ambusher
Weight Class Medium
Tech Base Clan
Introduced 3086[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 1,000 kg
Top Speed ??? km/h

Armor Type Standard(C)
BV (2.0) Various


Initially under development by Clan Ghost Bear as directed by Galaxy Commander Ramiel "Warbear" Bekker and named for the Grecian nymph in the Terran constellation of Ursa Major, the Callisto was designed to correct a tactical deficiency in the Rasalhague Dominion's infantry.[2] The design was roughly half complete in 3146 when Bekker was taken as a bondsman by Alaric Ward. While the design would be finished without Bekker for the Dominion, the design would also see development under Clan Wolf which would fulfill Bekker's initial vision.[2] The divergent development resulted in two near identical versions of the Battle Armor, with only serial numbers and machining details being the only major differentiation between the two.

The Callisto is based on the time tested Elemental Battle Suit making it a both recognizable, if a bit perculiar sight, and easy for warriors to switch to should the need arise.[2] Compared to the Elemental the Callisto offers a greater tactical flexibility in the form of modular mountings enabling the suit to be tailored to mission specification in both main armament and squad support. This comes at the cost of reduced armor and a lack of jumpjets within the design itself. Due to its development history the Callisto has seen proliferation accross the Rasalhague Dominion and the Wolf Empire with additional suits being seen in some Clan Sea Fox formations owing to a manufacturing agreement between Sea Fox and the Wolf Empire.[2]


The Callisto Battle Armor comes in two main configuration types. Configuration A and Configuration B with Configuration A focusing on the main modular weapon mount while Configuration B is largely focused on the Squad support weapon mounting. Configuration A can mount a Bearhunter, an ER Micro Laser, or a Heavy Machine Gun in its modular weapon mount with a single ER Medium Laser placed in the squad support role. Configuration B only carries a singular ER Small Laser in its main mounting while mounting either a Medium Recoilless Rifle or an SRM 4 system in the squad support mount.[2] Both configurations retain the standard Battle Claw on the Left Arm.

  • Configuration A - Bearhunter
    BV(2.0) = 45[2]
    Configuration A - Micro Laser
    BV(2.0) = 50[2]
    Configuration A - Heavy MG 
    BV(2.0) = 48[2]
    Configuration B - MRR 
    BV(2.0) = 73[2]
    Configuration B - SRM
    BV(2.0) = 76[2]


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