Calloway Training Battalion

Calloway Training Battalion
Formed ca. 2760
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Calloway Martial College


The Calloway Martial College (CMC) was established on Calloway VI in the mid-twenty-eighth century and the Calloway Training Battalion was the training unit associated with the CMC. The founding of the CMC was one of the steps taken by the Dormuth Council to deal with the high recruitment numbers seen in colleges, academies and militia training centers across the Free Worlds League, and the CMC was one of three major new schools founded within a relatively short period of time - the other two being the Humphreys School of Warfare on Kanata and the Athene Combat School on Atreus.[1]

The CMS was the first of the three new schools to be up and running, and by 2765 the Training Battalion was already defending important industrial sites against piracy, helping to compensate for a lack of readily available federal or provincial troops in the immediate vicinity. The CMC was located close to facilities operated by Earthwerks Incorporated, leading to a mutually beneficial relationship whereby the Calloway Training Battalion helped to protect the Earthwerks factories against pirate and bandit activity while Earthwerks supplied the Training Battalion with equipment produced from nearby production lines.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Calloway Training Battalion



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