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Calvin Deleportas

Calvin Deleportas
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Nova Cat
Profession MechWarrior

Considered one of the best medium 'Mech pilots in Clan Nova Cat, Calvin Deleportas was a ristar MechWarrior during the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere.


Coming of age immediately prior to the arrival of the Outbound Light, the quiet and spiritual Calvin would serve among the Nova Cat forces bid for the Placement Trials to determine which Clans would take part in Operation REVIVAL and be allowed to invade the Inner Sphere. Though the Nova Cats would ultimately be defeated, Calvin attracted note for his skills shown during the Trials, his lightning fast strike-and-fade tactics in the face of overwhelming odds allowed him to defeat three other opponents before a fourth finally destroyed his 'Mech. Efforts such as these convinced the Grand Council to award Clan Nova Cat a position as a reserve Clan alongside Clan Steel Viper, as well as convincing his own Clan to allow Calvin the opportunity to fight for the Deleportas Bloodname.[1]

On June 13 3049, Star Captain Calvin fought his fifteenth and final Trial of Bloodright for the Deleportas Bloodname on the long flat prairie of the Jova Plateau on Hoard. For this he received one of the newly manufactured Huntsman OmniMechs developed by Clan Cloud Cobra for the Nova Cats, and though Calvin had only a handful of field trials with the 'Mech he'd dub Pakhet, he handily defeated his opponent's Mad Dog to claim his prize.[1] After the Nova Cats were activated by ilKhan Ulric Kerensky as a reserve Clan, Calvin Deleportas and the 119th Striker Cluster took part in the Operation Dragonslayer - the combined Clan Smoke Jaguar and Nova Cat invasion of the Draconis Combine capital of Luthien - where he would be credited with the destruction of a lance of Wolf's Dragoons light 'Mechs.[2]

He fought with similar valor during the Battle of Tukayyid leading his Star during the initial assault, personally downing four Com Guard 'Mechs before his own OmniMech suffered a catastrophic gyro failure. Though wounded, Deleportas eluded capture and rejoined his command before the Nova Cats lifted off in defeat. During the Combine-Ghost Bear War Calvin again proved his reputation as a ristar was well founded after his recorded kills climbed into the double digits by the time the war was ended.[2]


Largely considered to be one Clan Nova Cat's preeminent medium pilots during the Clan Invasion era, for most of that time Calvin Deleportas piloted a Huntsman, receiving one of the very first produced to fight his final Trial of Bloodright. Naming his new 'Mech Pakhet, Calvin would earn his Bloodname with it configured in a Huntsman B configuration.[1] During the Battle of Tukayyid he fought in a Huntsman A, with his efforts against Clan Ghost Bear during the summer of 3063 rewarded with the newly developed Huntsman N configuration.[2]

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While there are no indications that Calvin Deleportas piloted anything other than a standard Huntsman configurations, in MechWarrior Online the Pakhet Hero 'Mech configuration carries twin Medium Pulse Lasers in its right arm supported by an ER Large Laser in the left arm. Each side-torso mounts paired Streak SRM-4s for accurate short-ranged firepower, while a left-torso mounted Anti-Missile System seeks to minimize any such return fire.[3]

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