Calvin McIntyre

Calvin McIntyre.jpg
Calvin McIntyre
Born 3038
Died 2nd April 3081
Affiliation House McIntyre
Word of Blake
Profession President of the Circinus Federation
Parents H.R. McIntyre (father)

Calvin McIntyre (born 3038[1] - died April 2nd, 3081, aged 43 years) was the last President of the Circinus Federation. He joined the Word of Blake along with much of the rest of his realm at the start of the Jihad, and served as the protégé of the Master, Thomas Marik.


In 3064, the Marian Hegemony attempted to conquer the Circinus Federation, but were thwarted due to covert assistance by the Word of Blake.[2] Severely weakened by their long-time enemy to the point of desperation, and seeing the vast resources of the Word of Blake as a golden opportunity to gain vast resources and strength, President H.R. McIntyre convinced the Federation to repay their debt to the Blakists by joining them in their Jihad in late 3067.

When H.R. died of a fatal heart attack in 3067 Calvin assumed the Presidency. He worked hard to shore up his support base among the cynical population of the Federation by pushing money into work developing fundamental amenities for the population, taking advantage of his relationship with the Word of Blake in the process.[3]

The Master rewarded McIntyre for his absolute loyalty by appointing him as a Precentor and his right-hand man, teaching McIntyre about Blakist quasi-religious beliefs, politics and the Word's proprietary language, High Dominus, which McIntyre learned to speak fluently.

In addition to Calvin joining the Word of Blake (who knew him as Precentor IV Mu-Iota McIntyre) the dramatic growth ushered in through Blakist funding also brought the Word of Blake to the position of being the de facto state religion of the Federation. Many citizens were encouraged to adopt the Blakist faith by Blakist missionaries or through vidcasts, and the Blakist military became much more active within the Federation; Calvin was clear to everyone that he considered the Blakists to be vital to the security of the Federation. Both the Lyran Alliance and Free Worlds League were subject to raids from Blakist forces based in the Federation, as was the nearby Marian Hegemony.[3]

Rumors also began to spread in the late 3060s and early 3070s regarding the fate of those who opposed McIntyre. The Federation was far from unused to a totalitarian ruler, but rumors circulated of illegal experimentation being conducted on critics of McIntyre's rule, and of the McIntyre Guard - which had expanded rapidly - were apparently wiping out entire towns that had dared to protest.[3]

McIntyre was once badly injured and his life was saved by having cybernetic implants provided by the Master. He was described as towering over the Master in height, and had a tattooed face, marred by scars.[4]


On April 2, 3081, Regulan WarShips bombarded the city of Zachariah on Circinus, the Blakist-held capital world of the Circinus Federation. During one of the attacks, McIntyre was struck in the head by a piece of masonry, mortally wounding him. A few seconds later, the Master was killed by a nearby nuclear explosion as he tended to the dying McIntyre.[5]



  • Any force commanded by Calvin McIntyre may replace up to two light units with two assault units and up to two medium units with two heavy units.[6]
  • Any force commanded by Calvin McIntyre may choose up to half of its units from the "B" column of the Word of Blake Random Unit Assignment Table published in Jihad Secrets: The Blake Documents.[6]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
H.R. McIntyre
President of the Circinus Federation
3067 - 3081

Succeeded by


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