Cameron's Flame

Cameron's Flame
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Lola III


As at 3059 the Lola III-class destroyer Cameron's Flame was serving as the CSA Cameron's Flame within the Clan Star Adder touman. One of four Lola III-class ships to be in service with the Star Adders at this time - the other three being the CSA Hagar, the CSA Yodan and the CSA Warlock - the Cameron's Flame was in mothballs orbiting Sheridan to reduce the logistic burden of supporting so many WarShips.[1] Following the absorption of former Clan Smoke Jaguar holdings the Cameron's Flame had been returned to full service by 3067 under the orders of the Star Adder Naval Adjutant, Star Admiral Tobias McKenna.[2]

By December 3072 the Star Adders had suffered a number of casualties amongst their WarShip fleet as a result of battles during the ongoing Wars of Reaving. With ships lost in combat against Clan Coyote, Clan Snow Raven and most recently a resurgent Clan Burrock the Star Adder leadership decided to activate some of the eight WarShips that formed a part of the Clan's last naval reserve. The naval reserve had been given the designation MKSC-2 and was established in a planetless system; a salvage party was assembled and arrived at MKSC-2 in late December. The Cameron's Flame was one of the WarShips assigned to the salvage party.[3]

The Star Adder convoy discovered shortly after arriving that a group from the Dark Caste had already been working on activating ships from the mothballed fleet, and had already successfully activated a Kimagure-class pursuit cruiser and a Riga-class frigate, both of which were missing from the cache;[3] with the Society providing WarShip assets to Clan Burrock, it was likely that these two ships were the Kimagure-class CBS Admiral Russell Nga and Riga-class CBS Hetherington respectively.[4]

As the Star Adders moved to engage the Dark Caste party, another supposedly mothballed ship from the cache, a Baron-class destroyer, powered up and moved to engage the Star Adder forces. Combined strikes from the Cameron's Flame and another Star Adder WarShip, the York-class destroyer CSA Exodus Ranger, appeared to easily cripple the Baron, but as the Cameron's Flame transited past the Baron the crew of the Dark Caste ship fired their main aft batteries and inflicted heavy damage on the Cameron's Flame. The Cameron's Flame managed to maneuver slowly to try and finish off the Baron fired its thrusters and caused both ships to accidentally collide. The collision was the final straw for the Cameron's Flame, which suffered a fatal loss of atmosphere, leaving most of the crew dead.[3]

The remaining Star Adder forces faced no other capital vessels in the system and easily destroyed the Dark Caste ships as they attempted to retreat away from the cache to the solitary JumpShip nearby; the Star Adders carefully picked off the smaller craft before destroying the JumpShip. The Star Adders then inspected the remaining cached ships before activating the CSA Yorktown, a Samarkand-class carrier; based on the information available, Khan Stanislov N'Buta made the decision that the Star Adders didn't have the time or resources to reactivate the other WarShips and instead chose to destroy them. N'Buta also ordered the remains of the Cameron's Flame to be scuttled, denying the Dark Caste any more resources from the system.[3]


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