Camo System


The Camo System is a form of visual concealment developed by ComStar in 2800, based on Star League research preserved on Terra. It uses mimetic technology to make the surface of the unit match its surroundings, incorporating sensors mounted on the suit and a central computer. This is more effective when the unit is moving slowly, as the system takes time to adjust to new settings. The Camo System is standard on the Tornado power armor suit and served as the basis for the Word of Blake's Mimetic Armor.[1][2]


Game Rules[edit]

In game terms, attacks against a unit mounting a camo system receive a to-hit modifier based on the number of hexes moved by the target unit in the same turn as the attack: +2 for 0 hexes moved, +1 for 1 hex moved and no modifier for +2 hexes. It also reduces the range a unit can be visually spotted by half.[1][2]


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