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Canopian Pleasure Circus

Canopian Pleasure Circus
Company Information
Founding Year around 2550
Interstellar Company Yes
Primary Site(s) Multiple/Mobile
Primary Products Entertainment


Founded during the reign of Magestrix Floral Centrella, Canopian Pleasure Circuses are massive mobile space stations that travel throughout the Inner Sphere and Periphery. Essentially flying casino hotels, they offer food, accommodation and entertainment of every stripe. They are a natural base for the Magistracy Intelligence Ministry (MIM) to operate in and has been instrumental in the effectiveness of the spy network. Their revenue represents a major source of taxes for the Magistracy of Canopus and are thus heavily supported by the state.[1]

Among the thousands of pleasure circuses that exist, it is the policy that only legal and consensual activities are allowed. Whether this is true or not depends on one's faith on human nature.


Canopus Delights Limited[2]

Mindstar Enterprises[3]


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