Capella Prime Massacre

Capella Prime Massacre
Part of The Age of War
Start Date 2367[1]
Planet Capella Prime
Result Capellan Confederation Victory
Capellan Confederation Federated Suns
Commanders and leaders
Franco Liao
Forces involved
Capellan Confederation Navy 3rd Aragon Lancers
Findas Motorized Infantry
Illisen Commandos


In 2367 the Federated Suns occupied Capella Prime. When Chancellor Franco Liao was made aware of this, he ordered an orbital bombardment of the Capellan Confederation capital world, annihilating all Federated Suns forces there (the 3rd Aragon Lancers, Findas Motorized Infantry and the Illisen Commandos all of which have never re-formed) along with 2,000 Confederation civilians who are remembered by the black border around the Capellan Triangle.

After that event the Capellan Confederation capital moved to Sian.[1]


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