Capellan Science Foundation

The Capellan Science Foundation is the premier scientific research and development organization in the Capellan Confederation.


Founded in 2818 as a clearing house for government-funded research and development projects during the final years of the Second Succession War, the Capellan Science Foundation was created to oversee the preservation and advancement of the Confederation's declining military technology base, most notably through the recovery and research into Star League era LosTech. Located on Tikonov, while a large chunk of its funding and focus was diverted to the Maskirovka in the 3020's, during this period the CSF designed among the first new BattleMechs in centuries, the Raven and Cataphract, as well as the Hong Lung Interdiction Station. [1] [2]

As with the Confederation as a whole, the Capellan Science Foundation suffered a heavy blow due to the Fourth Succession War, with both the loss of its headquarters on Tikonov and the considerable resources expended to hurriedly reverse engineer and manufacture the original flawed Triple Strength Myomer for Chancellor Maximilian Liao.[3] In the wake of that conflict the CSF relocated to Capella and Romano Liao shifted its focus almost completely from discovery to deciphering the Helm Memory Core. Even with additional assistance from the Free Worlds League and Word of Blake after the initial Clan Invasion, the Capellan Science Foundation was responsible for the bulk of the Star League technology employed by Capellan manufactures during the Xin Sheng period. [2]

In 3058 Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao moved the Capellan Science Foundation to new ultramodern facilities near Capella Prime and charged them with spearheading several research projects, most notably the Yu Huang BattleMech and the Feng Huang-class WarShip. [2] While its funding would decrease during the desperation of the Word of Blake Jihad, the CSF continued to run a large number of research and development projects, most often in partnership with Ceres Metals facilities across the Confederation starting 3076. [4] As the CCAF finally began to capture increasing volumes of Clan-Tech in the wake of Operation SCOUR, the CSF received the lion share of this salvage and was charged with research and reverse engineering of the advanced systems of the invaders as well. [5]


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