Captain-General of the Free Worlds League

The rank of Captain-General held by the head of state of the Free Worlds League and commander-in-chief of the Free Worlds League Military.

Since 2271 the holder of the rank is usually granted title of Duke of Atreus.[1]


Before the formation of the Star League in 2571, the Captain-Generalcy was a purely military post, appointed by the Free Worlds parliament in times of crisis to prosecute war or mobilize a defense. With the formation of the Star League, the office began to include diplomatic responsibilities.

Due to the Succession Wars, the office underwent major changes. With the onset of the First Succession War the office de facto became a permanent office with the passing of Resolution 288, which enabled the Captain-General to stay in power "for the duration of the emergency".

Lacking a precise definition of "the emergency", it became a hereditary office and slowly but surely accumulated increasing powers and responsibilities. In fact, the power of the Captain-General has waxed and waned since the onset of the Succession Wars.

Still when compared with the other Successor States the Free Worlds League has a rather decentralized and relatively weak government. Much to the frustration of many Captains-General there are certain limits to their authority and powers.

The Home Defense Act in particular made them unable to command the provincial military units without the approval of the provincial leaders and the support of the parliament. The Addendum to the Incorporation, passed by Thomas Marik, eventually solved this particular problem.[2]

List of Captains-General[edit]

Name Reign Relationship/Notes
Temporary Captains-General of the Free Worlds League 22942573[3]
Juliano Marik 2294, 2297, 23142318
Danak Selaj 23062307
Christopher Marik II 2319 grandson of Juliano
Terrence Marik II 23262327, 2330 uncle of Christopher
Philip Marik 2336, 2341 son of Terrence II
Geraldine Marik 2349, 2356, 2364 daughter of Philip
Mikhail Marik 23642367 brother of Geraldine
Allan Marik 2377, 2384, 23912392 son of Geraldine
Peter Marik 23922393, 23962414, 2416 son of Allan
Joseph Stewart 2420 nephew of Peter
Terrence Marik III 2427, 2432 son of Peter
Peter Marik II 2441, 2446, 24482449 brother of Terrence III
Geralk Marik 2452, 24552459 grandson of Peter II
Simone Marik 24592475 daughter of Geralk
Carlos Marik 24752477 brother of Simone
Brion Marik 2477, 24812482, 2493, 24962498, 25022506, 25082511 brother of Carlos
Albert Marik 2511, 2512, 25162519, 25282531, 2544, 25512552, 25712573 son of Brion
Permanent Captains-General of the Free Worlds League 25733078[3]
Marion 25732598 daughter of Albert
Brion II 25982614 grandson of Marion
Rhean 26142616 daughter of Brion II
Tomas 26162618 nephew of Rhean
David 26182621 uncle of Tomas
Tomas 26212635 second term
Ward 26352655 uncle of Tomas
Kernath 26552671 son of Ward
Liam 26712673 brother of Kernath
Terrence IV 26742678 son of Kernath
Gerald 26782703 son of Liam
Elise 27032731 daughter of Gerald
Boris 27312734 nephew of Elise
Elise 27342740 second term
figurehead only
Bertram 27402746 son of Elise
Ewan 27462763 son of Bertram
Kenyon 27632804 son of Ewan
Thaddeus 28042821 son of Kenyon
Charles 28212854 son of Thaddeus
Gerald II 28542861 son of Charles
Philippa 28612873 sister of Gerald II
Marie 28732880 daughter of Philippa
James 28802882 brother of Marie
Elisabeth 28822917 first cousin once removed of James
Samuel 29172944 nephew of Elisabeth
Paul 29442947 son of Samuel
Iris 2947 sister of Paul
Brock 29472948 son of Iris
Thaddeus II 29482963 brother of Brock
Stephan 29632991 son of Thaddeus II
Janos 29913035 son of Stephan
Duncan 30353036 nephew of Janos
Thomas (a.k.a. Thomas Halas) 30363069 impostor, false son of Janos
Corinne 30693078 niece of the real Thomas Marik
Captains-General of the Re-formed Free Worlds League 3139
Jessica 31393148 daughter of Thomas Halas
Nikol 3148– daughter of Jessica


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