Carl Davion

Carl Davion
Character Profile
Born 2828
Died 2876[1]
Affiliation House Davion
Rank General[1]
Title(s) First Prince[1]
Profession Noble
Parents Michael Davion (father)
Margaret DuVall (mother)
Siblings Melissa Davion[1]
Joseph Davion II

Carl Davion was the son of Michael Davion by his first marriage to Margaret Duvall. A rough-mannered and sharp tongued man, he deeply offended some branches of the Davion family.[2]


Unlike his father, Carl believed that the only thing a Davion should do was pilot a 'Mech. He inherited Operation PENDRAGON, an ongoing and successful offensive against the Draconis Combine who were facing severe supply issues, and the AFFS also held the initiative against the Capellan Confederation. It was expected that Carl would take over the guidance of the military from his aging great-uncle Prime Marshal Peter Davion and before long he was personally involved in fighting in the Draconis March.[3]

Carl Davion was killed in action after leading the first wave assault on David. With his forces contained and isolated, the Prince led a massive frontal assault against no less than five Draconis Combine strongholds. Although he died, the attack was a success and David was eventually reclaimed by the Federated Suns.[3]


I don't give a flying fig for talk and diplomacy. Those things are for the weak-hearted and the addle-pated. Battle and bed—that's where I perform best.
  — Prince Carl Davion, quoted from My Life as a Royal Camp Follower, by Jessica Jerloos, Risque Press of Odell, 2877[4]


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