Carla Centrella

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Carla Centrella
Character Profile
Affiliation House Centrella
Profession Magestrix
Parents Rinalla Centrella (mother)
Spouse Curtis Yakubu
Children Celine Centrella
Gorraine Centrella

Carla Centrella was a 27th century Magestrix of Canopus.

Early Life[edit]

She inherited the throne at the age of 18 when her mother Rinalla Centrella was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour.[1] Having been raised to rule, Carla proved politically and economically astute and played a key role in the rebuilding of the Canopian economy following the Reunification War.

Carla's personal life was far less ideal: she was swept off her feet by Curtis Yakubu, one of her MechWarriors, but the marriage foundered over his infidelity, fixation on the patriarchal traditions of his Ashanti heritage, and embezzlement. Carla finally exiled him to Terra as commander of the Canopian honor guards there. The couple never met again.

The stress of her personal life took its toll on Carla, although she remained devoted to her responsibilities. She eventually abdicated in favor of her elder daughter.


Carla (and presumably Curtis) had at least two daughters: Celine and Gorraine.


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