Carlos Dangmar Lee

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Carlos Dangmar Lee
Carlos Dangmar Lee
Born13 January 2521
Died7 November 2602[1]
AffiliationStar League
RankCommanding General[1]

Carlos Dangmar Lee was the Commanding General of the Star League Defense Force from 2575 to 2597.[2]


General Lee was heavily embroiled in fighting the Reunification War against the Periphery states, and so had little time to finish the full integration of the SLDF started by General Shandra Noruff-Cameron. Because of the desperate need for trained soldiers to fight, General Lee agreed to accept soldiers from the Great Houses' personal armies who, while more immediate and superior to raw recruits, remained loyal to their individual Houses. Despite this, General Lee is remembered as giving the SLDF bureaucracy its final shape, and for being its first fighting general.[2]

He was the author of Tincans and Footsloggers.[3]

Early Life[edit]

Born on Lyons, Carlos Lee's family emigrated to Zebebelgenubi shortly after he was born, and as a result Lee gained dual citizenship of both the Lyran Commonwealth and the Terran Hegemony, although he would later renounce his Lyran citizenship. Lee was determined to join the Hegemony Armed Forces and traveled into the Hegemony to sign up, working in various menial positions for a couple of years until he was accepted to a military academy.[1]

Military Career[edit]

Carlos Lee was a graduate of the Saint Cyr Military Academy, and excelled at his studies, graduating as a MechWarrior with a commission in the HAF. Lee's early career involved some minor actions against DCMS raiders, but it was during the September Revolt in 2459 that Lee distinguished himself. Lee and a group of officers within the Seventh Cavalry loyal to Ian Cameron prevented one of the battalion commanders within the Seventh Cavalry from staging an internal coup within the Seventh Cavalry and siding with the 51st Dragoon Regiment, which earned Lee a commendation and an early promotion and brought him into contact with Ian Cameron and Shandra Noruff.[1]

Carlos Lee's military appointments included four years commanding the Cameron private guard, a tour as Commandant of the Royal Sandhurst Military Academy and, following the formation of the SLDF, Lee was the first commanding officer of the SLDF Strategic Simulations Command. Lee also served as Noruff-Cameron's deputy while Noruff-Cameron was the Commanding General of the SLDF, then as Commanding General himself as Noruff-Cameron's successor.[1]

The two decades of combat that became known as the Reunification War took a heavy toll on Lee, who retired from military service shortly after the end of the war.[1] Although he was widely praised in the Inner Sphere for his adaptability and determination while serving as the first operational commander of the SLDF Carlos remained a hated figure in the Periphery.[4]

Later Life[edit]

Lee served as honorary pallbearer to both Ian Cameron and Shandra Noruff-Cameron, and this combined with the fact that he never never fully recovered from the strain of his military service during the Reunification War led to him dying in 2602, a few years after his retirement, in his home in Unity City.[1]


The Carlos Dangmar Lee BattleMech Research Center on Victoria (CC) was more than likely named in his honor.[5]


Carlos Dangmar Lee served for 35 years in the Hegemony Armed Forces prior to the formation of the Star League and developed a deep sense of personal loyalty to the Terran Hegemony, the Cameron family, and to those who showed a similar sense of loyalty. When the SLDF formed, Lee made the good of the SLDF as a whole his highest goal; as a consequence, while Lee would always choose the best option for the SLDF, he also remained steadfastly loyal and supportive to his friends and loyal subordinates, and would compromise his own decisions in favor of supporting them, unless it conflicted with the greater good of the SLDF.[6]

Lee's political skills allowed him to build up the SLDF despite constant disputes and crises and Lee was often prepared to make decisions for the sake of political expediency; whilst this led to Noruff-Cameron criticizing him in private for compromising his principles, it also led to both she and the First Lord praising his leadership just as often.[1]


We have all died a little today.
  — SLDF General Carlos Dangmar Lee, "Eulogy of Shandra Noruff-Cameron", 2600, Terra[7]


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