Carlos Dangmar Lee BattleMech Research Center

The Carlos Dangmar Lee BattleMech Research Center was a Star League era BattleMech research facility located on the planet Victoria (CC).[1]


The Carlos Dangmar Lee BattleMech Research Center was named after General Carlos Dangmar Lee who was the Commanding General for the Star League Defense Force during the Reunification War.[2] The facility was built under a mountain to protect itself from the harsh weather of the planet as well as being located next to Fort Lee for defense against a military attack. The facility was also connected to the Fort via underground tunnels so the garrison could respond while avoiding the treacherous weather.[3]

What specific technology the facility was researching has been lost to time, but it has been theorized that the Research Center was abandoned or partially destroyed during the Succession Wars. The remains of this facility may be the ones found by the Capellan Confederation in the mid-3020s on Victoria, but that is unconfirmed at this time.[4]


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