Carlos Hutchinson

Carlos Hutchinson
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Burrock
Clan Star Adder
Profession Galaxy Commander


Carlos Hutchinson was the Star Colonel of one of the Clusters of Alpha Galaxy from Clan Burrock during his Clan's Trial of Absorption. Stationed on the Burrock capital of Albion when the Star Adders assaulted that world, Hutchinson found himself the senior Burrock commander after his Khan, saKhan and Galaxy Commander Seth Marghar were killed. Unlike his superiors, Hutchinson had not been involved in illicit dealings with the Dark Caste and so was able to make the Adders an offer which would preserve the remaining Burrock warriors from destruction. Hutchinson offered to serve as a proxy for all Burrocks in a single combat duel with Adder Khan Cassius N'Buta, a proposal N'Buta accepted.[1]

Before the duel could begin, Clan Blood Spirit mounted its own surprise attack upon the Burrocks. Instead of providing the Spirits with the three-way battle they had anticipated, Hutchinson instead ordered his warriors to fight alongside the Adders against their old enemy. Just five days later the combined Burrock-Adder forces had reduced the Spirit force from three Galaxies to just two Clusters which retreated off-world, and Hutchinson and N'Buta were able to carry out their duel. After a battle fought across the Tanzistan Plateau that lasted for most of a day, N'Buta emerged victorious over Hutchinson, taking him as a bondsman, and Clan Burrock was no more.[1] [2]

Despite Hutchinson's opposition to the Absorption, Khan N'Buta not only declared him abtakha - making Hutchinson the first ex-Burrock warrior adopted into Clan Star Adder - but honored him for his conduct with the Legion of Gallantry, one of only three recipients of the award for actions taken during the Burrock Absorption. Shortly after Hutchinson accepted N'Buta's offer to command his new Clan's Epsilon Galaxy, a post he would hold through the Wars of Possession, the Wars of Reaving and at least until 3085.[3] [2] [2] [4] [5]


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