Carlton's Brigade

Carlton's Brigade
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command N/A


Carlton's Brigade was a mercenary unit of unspecified size and composition. As of early 3057 they had been hired by the re-formed Sarna Supremacy and were stationed on Kaifeng alongside other mercenary units (including namely Ace Darwin's WhipIts and Jacob's Juggernauts) and the Kaifeng SMM.

In the 3058 attack of the Capellan Confederation against the Sarna Supremacy, Warrior House Hiritsu conquered Kaifeng within seventeen days. The Kaifeng SMM was defeated in a decisive final battle on 27 July, forcing the world to surrender. The specific fate of Carlton's Brigade is unknown, although the mercenaries on Kaifeng reportedly generally fared better than the regular defenders and negotiated for standard terms of withdrawal after being defeated.

The "Brigade" designation seems to imply that Carlton's Brigade was a relatively large force, and possibly consisted of mixed forces. According to Warrior House Hiritsu's prebattle briefing, they estimated from available intel that there were no more than two companies of mercenaries on the planet. At one point, a mercenary force two lances strong was figured to be either from Carlton's Brigade or from Ace Darwin's WhipIts. No further details on the strength or composition of Carlton's Brigade are known.[1]


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