Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip

The Carolyn was a civilian JumpShip of unspecified class belonging to Defiance Industries.

During the Third Skye Rebellion the Avalon-class WarShip Simon Davion was boarded and captured by rebel forces at the Hesperus system's zenith jump point and subsequently turned its guns on several ships including the Carolyn on 28 June 3065. The Carolyn lost engine power for its station-keeping drive. The captain ordered to abandon ship and radioed for rescue. A nearby JumpShip (the Gray Death Legion's Invidious) reported shortly afterwards that the Carolyn had been "shot up" and the Invidious, too, had been crippled beyond repair by deliberate fire from the Simon Davion.[1]

The actual fate of the Carolyn is not mentioned, but context suggests it was destroyed.


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