Carp's Commandos

Carp's Commandos
Unit Profile (as of 3019)
Parent Formation Free Worlds League Military
Formed 3019


Third Succession War[edit]

Over the course of Operation Junk Yard Dog, Snord's Irregulars recaptured most of their treasures, kidnapped Jason Marik-Torrenson (third cousin to Janos Marik), and generally embarrassed House Marik once again.[1]

In retaliation for Junk Yard Dog, Janos Marik formed an-ad hoc disposable unit dubbed Carp's Commandos in 3019 from prisoners and military rejects, equipped them with substandard 'Mechs and had them dropped on Clinton to cause as much damage as possible to the Irregulars' base. It is unclear if or how this irregular force fit into the Free Worlds League Military, and even if "Carp's Commandos" was a proper name. Similar to the Draconis Combine's infamous Chain Gang Missions, Carp's Commandos was a one-way ticket unit.[2] This is notably against the otherwise liberal outlook of House Marik and the Free Worlds League, suggesting very unusual circumstances and backgrounds for the unit's members which however were not elaborated upon.

The Commandos landed significantly off-target in their raid, removing any element of surprise, and as a result were handily defeated by the Irregulars, who nevertheless had to spend the next six months rebuilding from the damage taken.[3][2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Carp's Commandos
Lieutenant Marty Carp 3019[2]


The suicide squad nature of Carp's Commandos made some of its members go berserk during the mission.[2]

Composition History[edit]


Carp's Commandos[2]


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