Carson Graves

Carson Graves
Died 2976
Affiliation Clan Star Adder

Carson Graves (born 29?? - died 2976) was a saKhan of Clan Star Adder during the Political Century. He would be implicated as a major conspirator in the Blood Scandal, and handed over to Clan Coyote for justice.[1][2]


Prior to his involvement with the Blood Scandal, little to nothing is known about the life of Carson Graves. Whether or not he was actively treacherous, or simply misguided, politics would be the death of this saKhan.[2]

The Politics of Blood[edit]

As part of the early Crusader movement, saKhan Carson Graves of the Star Adders was searching for a way to tip the balance of power in the Grand Council in favor of the Crusaders. He would find an ideal target in the divided Clan Coyote. With its warriors split near-evenly between the two camps, saKhan Graves would find in their ranks a powerful but dissatisfied Crusader seeking to topple the Warden-dominated leadership of her Clan. This warrior had gathered backing of eight Coyote Bloodname Houses. Promising to aid her when the time was right, Graves would take note of the situation for later use in the Grand Council, in a plan to ultimately gain Clan Star Adder the rights to Absorb Clan Coyote.[2][3]

Dishonor and Death[edit]

Khan Tatiana Steele of the Coyotes learned of the conspiracy early. After dealing with the situation and eliminating all traitors to her Clan by way of Annihilation and Reaving, she contacted her Star Adder counterpart, Khan Eamon Phoushath. Learning of his saKhan's role in this incident, an angered Khan Phoushath challenged Carson Graves to a Trial of Grievance. After winning the contest, Graves was stripped of his rank and status, before being handed over to Khan Steele and the Coyote Clan Council. There, he was executed in front of the Council, and his genetic legacy destroyed. Khan Steele would demand that the Star Adders Annihilate the entire Graves Bloodname House as punishment, but Khan Phoushath refused.[2][3]


Carson Graves is an infamous figure in Clan lore, remembered for his role in this low-point in Clan political history. The Graves Bloodname House would escape the fate of the eight rebellious Coyote Bloodlines, but only at the cost of a near-perpetual state of vendetta between the Star Adders and Clan Coyote.[1]

The eight Coyote Bloodname Houses Reaved for their involvement of the plot were left inactive for just over a century. Following the Wars of Reaving, the Coyotes re-activated these untainted bloodlines as part of their rebuilding project. By this point, large numbers of Coyotes had been discovered to have been covert supporters of the Society, a decades-long plot by members of the Scientist caste to subvert and take over Clan society. Meanwhile, the Star Adders had become the dominant surviving Clan in the Clan Homeworlds.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
saKhan of Clan Star Adder

Succeeded by


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