Case Amber

Case Amber was a preemptive strike created by the Taurian Defense Force against a building Star League invasion force.

Case Amber
Part of The Age of War
Start Date 2578
Taurian Defense Force Federated Suns
Forces involved
WarShips WarShips


Starting two years before the Star Leagues Pollux Proclamation, the Star League tried various means to get the various Periphery states to join the League. The Star League first tried using bribes and then economic sanctions to force Periphery states like the Taurian Concordat to join. After the Pollux Proclamation and the First Lord announced that the independent states would be brought into the Star League "despite their reluctance, for the good of all," Taurian Concordat Protector Mitchell Calderon prepared his nation for the inevitable war.

Roughly one year after the Proclamation (2577), despite being clearly outmatched, the Taurian Defense Force launched Case Amber. Case Amber was to be a preemptive strike against the anticipated Star League invasion force.

However, the first action seen was against the Federated Suns instead of Star League forces. The Taurian forces faked retreat and lured the Federated Suns into an early strike which ended up cutting off their main fleet by a Taurian blockade. The resulting battles cost the Federated Suns over two dozen warships with minor losses (three ships) for the Concordat. The assault began in the Tentativa system, where half of the AFFS WarShip fleet arrived.[1] The Taurians then jumped their WarShips into the Panpour system, wrecked it, and withdrew. In the meantime the AFFS WarShips (Task Force Four), had jumped into several Taurian systems, destroyed the few defending WarShips, and then returned to the Tentativa system. There the Taurians lured the Task Force deep into the system, and then had WarShips from five surrounding systems jump in to attack. The AFFS' Task Force Four eventually fought its way free, but in the process lost thirty-nine WarShips. Twenty-eight were destroyed or scuttled, while the Taurians captured another eleven. This was roughly three quarters of the AFFS WarShip fleet, while the Taurians lost three WarShips.[2]

Case Amber continued to keep the Davion fleet busy throughout the Reunification War while the main Taurian Defense Forces made the Star League forces pay dearly for every major system captured.

Despite fierce opposition, the Taurians could not repel the invasion forces and on September 22, 2596 they surrendered to the Star League after almost 20 years of fighting.


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