Case White (series)

This article is about the BattleCorps short story collection. For other uses, see Case White.

Case White is a series of short stories that were published on BattleCorps. They all take place during Case White, ComStar's ill-fated invasion of Terra during the Jihad. The individual stories that make up the series are as follows:

  1. Alpha by Phaedra Weldon
  2. The Breaking of Chemical Bonds by Steven Mohan Jr.
  3. Stars in the Time of Dreaming by Ilsa J. Bick
  4. Backroads at Night by Jason M. Hardy
  5. By the Sword by Jason Schmetzer
  6. To Serve and Protect by Herbert A. Beas II
  7. The Good Fight by Jason M. Hardy
  8. Voice of the Resistance by Chris Hartford
  9. Omega by Phaedra Weldon

All of these Case White stories were later also published in print for the Jihad-centric fourth BattleCorps anthology, Fire for Effect (2013).

Many other stories that also take place during Case White have been published, though they are not technically part of the Case White series. These include (but are not limited to):