Caseless autocannon ammunition was developed by the Federated Commonwealth in 3055[1] to provide more ammunition. Instead of a standard metal or plastic shell casing filled with propellant, the caseless autocannon round had the propellant "packed" around the projectile. This resulted in lighter autocannon rounds, allowing a 'Mech's autocannon magazine to carry twice as many rounds. This feature was particularly useful for the larger bore autocannon, like the Autocannon 20 mounted on the Hunchback.

Though the caseless rounds were effective most of the time in some notable cases they would jam the 'Mech's ammunition feed system, leaving the MechWarrior in a fight without their biggest gun. The other problem is that the NAIS wasn't able to create a feed system that could handle caseless and standard ammunition. This meant that an autocannon capable of firing caseless rounds could only fire caseless rounds. Given the relative scarcity of such ammunition, and that the cannon couldn't use ammunition captured from other armies, the caseless capable autocannon remains very rare on the field.[1]



Caseless is manufactured on the following planets:

Brad Planet Company Used by References
??? Bithinia Bithinian Ballistics ??? [2]
??? Al Na'ir Scarborough Manufacturers ??? [2]
??? Kathil General Motors ??? [2]
??? Yeffters Weapons Factory Gulkana ??? [2]
??? Kalidasa Kali Yama Weapons Industries ??? [2]
??? Kendall Kali Yama - Alphard Trading Corporation ??? [2]


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