Cassandra Sinclair

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Cassandra Sinclair
Affiliation Northwind Highlanders


Cassandra Sinclair (b. ???? – d. 3028?) was a MechWarrior Captain serving in the 2nd Kearny Highlanders. She was part of the unsuccessful Capellan raid on Mira in April of 3028.

Sinclair had served as commander of Ian Fraser’s recon lance in the 2nd Kearny’s First Battalion, prior to her promotion to Captain and assignment to head up the raiding force’s Second Company. Her task was to serve as the forward reconnaissance element of the mission.[1] She piloted a Javelin for the raiding assignment.[2]

Once landed on Mira, her scouts discovered remote sensors planted in the jungle close to the task force’s target.[3]

After Captain Colin Campbell of First Company was killed by artillery fire, Sinclair volunteered to take over command of his company and hold the defensive line against incoming AFFS ’Mechs. Realizing that only ’Mechs with jump jets stood a chance of escape through the dense jungle terrain, she switched machines with one of First Company’s Commando pilots, giving him her Javelin. She led the rearguard action while the remainder of the Highlander force pulled out.[4]

Let ‘em know they’re up against the Northwind! –Cassandra Sinclair rallies her rearguard to face the Davion ‘Mechs. [5]

Sinclair’s final disposition is unknown, but it is likely that AFFS garrison forces killed her when First Company was overwhelmed.


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