Castle Brian Gun Emplacement

Gun Emplacement
Production information
Chassis Type Hardened
Motive Type
Technology Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Size (in hexes)
Length (meters/Hexes) 30m / 1 hex
Width (meters/Hexes) 30m / 2 hex
Height (meters/Levels) 12m / 2 levels
Power System
Heat Sinks (total)
Construction Factor 150
Armor (per Hex) 150
Total Cargo (tons)
Doors (total)
Escape Pods
Crew 18 total
  • 3 Officers
  • 5 Crew
  • 10 Gunners
Armament 1 Gauss Rifle
1 LB 10-X
1 LRM-10+Artemis
6 Medium Pulse Lasers
6 Machine Guns
6 Anti-Missile Systems
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0)


A Gun Emplacement was one of two types of weapon emplacements commonly used in large numbers to defend other above-ground Castle Brian structures and important locations. These emplacements were not built with the same advanced construction techniques as true Brian-class structures, making them easier to construct but not as robust to better serve as disposable defenses. Conditions were cramped inside these emplacements, and they were not meant for long-term habitation. Gun emplacements extended a further level underground, for additional storage and access to tunnels connecting to the rest of the Castle Brian, but could be easily sealed off from the rest of the complex. Their weaponry gave them the firepower of a heavy or assault BattleMech but had overlapping fields of fire and could easily call in artillery fire.[1]


Gun Emplacement
Hex 1

1 Gauss Rifle, 1 LB 10-X, 1 LRM-10+Artemis
Level 2
7 tons Gauss ammo, 4 tons LB 10-X ammo, 4 tons LRM-10 ammo, 6 Medium Pulse Lasers (1 per facing), 6 Anti-Missile Systems (1 per facing) w/ 60 tons ammo
Level 1
6 Machine Guns (1 per facing) w/ 4 tons ammo
1 Crew Quarters, 7 Crew Quarters, 6 Searchlights (1 per facing), 1 ton Communication Equipment, Paramedic Equipment, 1 Guardian ECM


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