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Category:Aerodyne DropShip classes

"Aerodyne", in the sense of DropShip construction, is a catchall description for DropShips that are not designed as Spheroid DropShips, regardless of whether or not they are actually aerodyne in a literal sense. Some "aerodyne" DropShips are in fact incapable of operating in an atmosphere, typically indicated through the "Un-streamlined" Design Quirk.

The difference between aerodyne (non-spheroid) and spheroid DropShips is that the former typically possess some sort of wings and can glide through an atmosphere, whereas the latter rely on thrust only to brake their descent or to lift off from a planetary surface. In the case of an engine failure, spheroid DropShips will typically crash whereas aerodyne designs may still be able to manage a crashlanding in the presence of an atmosphere, providing slightly better safety for crew, passengers and cargo.