Category:Totem BattleMechs

Totem BattleMechs represent a Clan or faction's spirit, concept or totem-animal on which they were founded. These BattleMech designs often devote more resources to aesthetic "frills" than many others; These "frills" are often anthropomorphic or zoomorphic in appearance. To be considered a as such a 'Mech is designed to visually resemble some part of the faction fielding them. Clan Jade Falcon for example designed some BattleMechs, all of which resemble the clan's totem bird of prey with their talons, hawk-like head assemblies, and heat-dissipating wings, while others, like the Draconis Combine, created 'Mechs which are symbols of that faction's strong Japanese traditions and bushido and are powerful figureheads for commanders to lead their forces from.

That said, this is a subjetive criteria open to "discussion" and debate over a 'Mechs belonging to it.