Category:User Essays

This category is a listing of notable essays, editorials and concepts by the editors and writers of BattleTechWiki (BTW). The content of these articles, while based on the BattleTech universe, should not be considered canon and should not be quoted as a source of canon, even though there may be accurate canonical information within them. To be included in this category, articles should be stored on the author's user space and a link provided here by the author. As these are user written items, please do not edit them except for simple grammar and spelling.

The purpose for the category is to provide a limited space on BTW for expressions of the BattleTech system and universe. This category is not meant as a means to publish fan-fiction; rather essays put here by their author should be articles written about BattleTech rather than simply set in the BattleTech universe. Ideal user articles should be directly related to or directly address some aspect of canon. As the purpose is to provide value to the BTW community, articles ought to enhance the readers' understanding or appreciation of some aspect of the canonical BattleTech Universe.

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