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  • I would suggest making a Category or naming the mechs so they align by tonnage then alphabetically. comment by Veretax
    • I agree with you that the 'Mechs should be categorized by weight class (and also by factions). If there's a way to do it thru the general BattleMech category method, then I don't know it. However, it should definitely be possible to add specific categories for 'Mech weight class. For example, we can put a two category tags for Assassin that would look like this:

[[Category:BattleMechs]] [[Category:Medium BattleMechs]]

In fact, you've kinda given me an idea for a BattleMech 'portal' page, so that people can find their 'Mechs by the method they want. Veretax, why don't you join us in Project BattleMechs and help us flesh it out? --Revanche 10:57, 19 October 2006 (CDT)