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I'm not sure if this category is really needed, but I thought I'd add it anyway. House Liao (The Capellan Confederation) p. 11 discusses turmoil in governance over various states, and states that the Nanking Collective had 27 governments in office between 2242 and 2265. It also states that the Nanking Collective was subsequently abandoned, and along with various other worlds was reconstituted as the Chisholm Protectorate. Chisolm is marked on maps throughout Handbook: House Liao as Elgin, but none of the maps show a Chisholm Protectorate. House Liao (The Capellan Confederation) p. 19 states that the Tikonov Grand Union fought a war with the Terran Hegemony from 2336-2338 over the Chisholm Province, which it appears to have lost. The map on p. 10 of Handbook: House Liao shows Nanking as an independent world within the Capellan Zone with no mention or marking for a Chisholm Province or Protectorate.

House Liao (The Capellan Confederation) p. 60 gives some detail on the Commonalities within the Capellan Confederation and states that in 2468, Franco Liao made the Chisholm, then a province of the Tikonov Grand Union, a seperate commonality to get his new Confederation ratified. That date's obviously wrong, as the Capellan Confederation was formed in July 2367, and Franco Liao didn't rule the Confederation in 2468 - but Handbook: House Liao mentions not one word about Chisholm, be it planet, protectorate, province or commonality. BrokenMnemonic 16:36, 18 August 2011 (UTC)