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OK. I'm going a little nuts here working with the 1st Edition Periphery Sourcebook. This book isn't entirely clear on the name the nation founded by Samantha Calderon went by until the formation of the Taurian Concordat in 2335, and as the article on Sandra Calderon notes, contradicts itself on exactly who was ruler and when. By giving Timothy Calderon the title "Protector of the Taurian Homeworlds" on p. 17, the Periphery sourcebook implies that the nation was known as the Taurian Homeworlds, which is the line the main article here on Sarna takes. With me so far? Good.
Historical: Reunification War has a sidebar on p. 12 entitled "Taurian Concordat" that states that when Samantha Calderon named Taurus on 23 January 2253 "the Calderon Protectorate came into being". It also describes the "short reign" of Sandra Calderon, and has Richard Calderon becoming Protector in 2335. This would appear to be a clarification or retcon that adjusts the reign of Sandra Calderon back to 2330-2335 and solves the problem of the 1st Ed Periphery Sourcebook stating that Sandra Calderon reigned for more than a decade but also somehow was succeeded by her son after just 5 years, which is discussed in the article on Sandra Calderon here on Sarna. That leaves the statement in the first edition Periphery sourcebook that the "first decade" of Sandra's rule saw a wave of colonizations outside the Hyades Cluster/Flannagan's Nebulea flapping in the wind a little, but H:RW states that when the Concordat came into being in 2335 it included the original six Taurian worlds and the twelve external worlds settled since, which is identical to the statement made in the 1st Ed Periphery book, and which strongly implies that the worlds specifically mentioned as being settled during the reign of Sandra Calderon (Pinard, New Vandenberg, Bromhead, Midale, Brockway, Hyalite) were all settled within those first 5 years along with six additional planets. It does leave me with a couple of problems though, for which I'd welcome opinions.

  • Given that there are now two canon Calderon Protectorates, one lasting from 2253 - 2335 and one from ca. 3067 (I forget the date) is it acceptable for me to continue using the Taurian Homeworlds category to record those planets that were a part of the earlier Calderon Protectorate, to keep them distinct from those planets that split off from the Concordat in the 31st century? The two have no geographic overlap whatsoever.
  • Given the clarification made by H:RW on the reign of Sandra Calderon, is it appropriate for me to indicate in the descriptions and owner histories of Pinard, New Vandenberg, Bromhead, Midale, Brockway and Hyalite that they were founded at some point between 2330-2335, rather than 2330-2340, and therefore to categorize them as member planets within this particular category?
  • What should be done here on Sarna to record the change/confusion between Taurian Homeworlds and the first Calderon Protectorate in canon? At the least, the article on the Taurian Concordat would seem to need amending.

I hadn't appreciated just what a muddle the 1st Ed Periphery sourcebook was until I started data mining it. BrokenMnemonic 11:33, 8 December 2011 (UTC)