Cave Lion

Cave Lion
Cave Lion
Production information
Manufacturer Irece Alpha
Production Year 3122[1]
Model Standard
Class Heavy
Introduced 3122
Technical specifications
Mech type Clan BattleMech
Mass 75 tons
Chassis Sinha Endo Heavy Frame
Armor Laser Reflective
Engine 375 XL
Communications System Raldon R1
Targeting Tracking System Dalban Hirez II
Heat Sinks 17 Double Heat Sinks
Speed 86 km/h

2x ER PPCs
4x Medium Pulse Lasers
1x ATM-3

BV (2.0) 3,044[2][3][4]


The Cave Lion is a Heavy-class BattleMech which was originally manufactured by Clan Nova Cat and Clan Sea Fox in 3122. The Cave Lion was first conceived as part of Clan Nova Cat's efforts to rebuild their war-torn Touman after the devastation of the Second Combine-Dominion War. After decades of waiting, the newly elected Khan Jacali Nostra convinced the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery in 3120 to give permission to start production on a new design. This would be Clan Nova Cat's first new design to enter production since the thirty-first century. The Nova Cats' resources had been limited due in part to restrictions the Draconis Combine had imposed on their rebuilding of production facilities. It would take outside aid to allow the production of the new design. They in turn sought aid from Clan Sea Fox's Tiburon Khanate, who offered to upgrade production facilities in return for access to the Cave Lion's production.

The design phase of the Cave Lion was not without compromises due to the Sea Foxes' involvement, so Khan Nostra's vision of an energy-only design was changed to allow the Foxes to be able market the design in a broader market. Once produced, the design was a sign of renewal and resource-independence for the Nova Cats.[5]

In 3143, Clan Nova Cat's rebellion against the Draconis Combine would end in its destruction, leaving the fate of the Cave Lion's production in doubt.[6] As of 3145 the 'Mech design is the exclusive property of the Tiburon Khanate of Clan Sea Fox; They are re-evaluating the design in an attempt to fix problems.[7]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Cave Lion was originally designed to be independent of needing resupply and to be able to be deployed for long durations in combat. Clan Nova Cat designed the 'Mech to be able constructed with locally produced resources so they did not have to depend on the Draconis Combine for aid in production.

To allow it to survive on the battlefield, the design was constructed with twelve tons of Laser Reflective Armor and carries an Angel ECM Suite to help it fend off various forms attack. With the combination of a 375-Rated Extra-Light Fusion Engine and Endo-Steel, the Cave Lion is able move at a modest pace for its time and to carry a wealth of weaponry and equipment.

The 'Mech's arsenal includes a pair of Extended Range Particle Projector Cannons, one mounted in each of its side torsos. For close-range combat, the Cave Lion has a quadruplet of Medium Pulse Lasers spread out across its arms and side torsos. As part of the compromise to the Sea Foxes, the Cave Lion mounts a single 3-tubed Advanced Tactical Missile launcher in the center torso. Protected by integrated CASE found in all Clan 'Mechs, the design's launcher has two tons of ammunition in its left torso.[8]

Notable Pilots[edit]

Kev Rosse- The former Republic Senator and founder of the Spirit Cats piloted a Cave Lion. During his career with the Spirit Cats Rosse was intuned with the idea of being a "pure" Nova Cat, that would name his mech "Anima" and revere the mech as his totem.[citation needed]


  • The Cave Lion was first created by Wizkids' MechWarrior Dark Age Collectable Miniatures game as a part of its Age of Destruction expansion set. The figure was at first an exclusive unit for the CGC game's Spirit Cats faction and then used again as a unique figure for the company's Gunslinger expansion. The 'Mech would later be adapted by Catalyst Game Labs and redefined in the tabletop game once the company advanced the franchise's timeline to 3145. It would not be among the many adapted design from Wizkids when Catalyst Game Labs released the Technical Readout: 3145 series of faction-specific PDFs and printed volumes. It would finally received game stats for Total Warfare use, first in exclusively in Era Digest: Dark Age, and later Technical Readout: 3150.
  • As of this writing there are no variants produced at the time.

Design Quirks[edit]

The Cave Lion has the following Design Quirks;

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