Cedric Riley

Cedric Riley
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Mongoose[1]
Profession Star Colonel[1]


Cedric Riley was a Clan Mongoose MechWarrior during the Golden Century.[1]

Cedric Riley's major claim to fame came about on the word of Vinton. He was very confident that he could defeat Clan Star Adder defenders for a 'Mech cache as all they had were the Kokou "Block A" Defense Tanks. And the Kokou, at this time, had a reputation of terrible performance and reliability. He even claimed that he could defeat an entire Star of the tanks with just his command 'Mech. When Star Commander Samantha Banacek corrected Cedric and told him that the Kokou's were of the new "Block B" variant of the Kokou, Cedric laughed for a full five minutes before claiming he could defeat two Stars of the vehicles in his command 'Mech alone. The Star Adders agreed to his bid and took 30 minutes to assemble their forces with Cedric insulting them the entire time. When the battle began, Cedric in his rare Stone Rhino was vaporized within 10 seconds. This battle is still taught to Star Adder sibkos as a warning against hubris.[1]


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