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Celestial series

The Celestial series was a series of OmniMechs produced by the Word of Blake. Developed in secret by Doctor Devon Cortland (aka Precentor Vapula) and unleashed without warning in 3069[1] during the Blakists' Jihad, the Celestials mate OmniPod technology with some of the most advanced armor, chassis and fusion engine technology that the Inner Sphere could produce in the late 3060s. Besides shared aesthetic elements, each 'Mech in the main series features the inclusion of a Small Cockpit and a fixed C3i Computer. As denoted by the use of a small cockpit, the Celestials were primarily intended to be used by the Blakists' cybernetically enhanced Manei Domini shock troops, who field the lion's share of the 'Mechs.

The Celestials are:

Variant Naming Conventions[edit]

Rather than the standard variant naming scheme used by the Inner Sphere armies and Clans, the Word of Blake used their own terms to indicate Celestial variants. These terms were:

Primary Configuration
Alternate Configuration A
Alternate Configuration B
Alternate Configuration C
Alternate Configuration D
Alternate Configuration E
Alternate Configuration S - These variants often used captured Clan or experimental equipment.[2]
Alternate Configuration U - These variants carried equipment appropriate for underwater or other unusual environments like space operations.


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